Working Together — Toward Smarter School Facilities.

EFA’s Facilities Managment Program is designed for energy and budget conscious schools with a focus on comfort and reliability.

  • Zone In

    Prioritized for building spaces that are comfortable and safe for a productive learning environment.

  • Green Up

    Optimized operations lead to lower energy consumption and a smaller carbon footprint.

  • Cut Back

    Reduced facilities operating expenditures with lower energy bills and fewer calls to outside contractors.

EFA's Services
Where energy savings exceed fees. Guaranteed!

EFA's Facilities Management Program is an annual contract for managed services for NJ public school facilities. Our services target energy efficiency that result in reductions to facilities’ energy budget and carbon footprint. On average, our Facilities Management Program contracts delivered more than $3 in savings for every $1 spent on the program fee.

EFA is a certified NJ Professional Engineering firm with a fast startup timeline, no public bidding, no capital outlay, and monthly invoicing that is covered by energy budget cuts within the first 6 to 10 months.

EFA Difference
Why do school districts join?
  • EFA is a NJ-Certified Professional Engineering Firm

    EFA has been working with NJ school facilities since 1980, providing unique professional services. (No bid required!) Our engineering and computer professionals approach system configuration and adjustment differently from service contractors, providing effective and efficient results.

  • Get Cost Saving & Environmentally-Friendly Results

    EFA understands that efficiency cannot come at the expense of building occupants. Our Facilities Management Program maintains comfortable spaces with reliable system operations while also reducing energy consumption. Working with your staff, we achieve comfort and reliability, plus efficiency that cuts costs and your carbon footprint.

  • We’re Here To Assist You 365x24x7

    Contact us any day or night. EFA 's Building Operations Center is always staffed to provide technical assistance for scheduling and critical faults. We provide real-time response to occupancy issues, and during freeze-hazard weather, we watch your buildings during all unoccupied periods. We work with you, troubleshooting issues through resolution. 

About EFA
Providing Facilities Services Promoting Energy Efficiency Since 1980

Energy For America, Inc., a NJ-certified professional engineering firm, has been working with NJ school facilities since 1980 to provide unique professional services in addition to traditional engineering.

Amongst our active clients, the average contract renewal lifetime is over 20 years. In addition to the Facilities Management Program, we perform work for various, more traditional engineering projects and although some projects may have been small, over the years we have worked in over 60 New Jersey school districts.  

Learn About EFA  

Experts in Systems & Hardware
Expertise & Knowledge
  • School Facilities Issues

    EFA is dedicated to keeping you informed on development of regulations, offerings,  and innovations that concern NJ school facilities’ HVAC control systems including: Public Schools Contract Law, Department of Environmental Protection, Energy Code 90.1, Clean Energy Programs, Indoor Air Quality, Sustainable Energy, HVAC: CHP|GEO|HP|OAS

  • Building Automation Strategies

    EFA uses automation to help maintain a healthy and efficient classroom experience in innovative ways including integration of new systems with legacy controls. The "smart" facilities controls work to track performance, reveal conditions that need improvements, and facilitate methods for adjustments.

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